Munchkin Infant Neck & Head Support

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Brica Koosh’n Infant Neck and Head Support has an ergonomic shape and plush fabric help ensure baby’s comfort. Maximum side-to-side head and neck support. Soft, custom embossed fabric that is machine washable. Helps prevent head from slumping during nap time. Perfect for car seats and strollers.Uniquely shaped and unbelievably comfortable, the koosh’n is right at home in a car seat or stroller. And it works great at keeping your baby’s head and neck safely positioned

  1. Noor Suria Che Din
    84 reviews

    Lembut dan selesa

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 21, 2017

    Munchkin Infant Neck & Head Support ni sangat selesa untuk bayi saya…bayi saya langsung tidak terjaga ketika perjalanan yg jauh…fabriknya yg lembut membuat bayi saya rasa bagai dipeluk

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