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The Mosquito Box uses a combination of different methods to specifically lure female mosquitoes (the ones that bite) into our traps.

Photocatalysis effect (Tio2 -> co2/h2o) (Air Purify)

Female mosquitoes track humans by tracing Co2 and H2o. They can track Co2 up to 50 meters and follow it back to the place of origin.

The UV light of the Mosquito Box irradiates a surface coated with Titanium Dioxide to enable the photo catalysis effect to lure mosquitoes.

USB 3.0 (Quick Charge)

We have incorporated a USB 3.0 to easily recharge your Phone. We have thought of many ways in increasing the heat generation of the Mosquito Box to attract mosquito’s but many would incorporate wasting energy to generate heat.

By adding the USB Charger to charge your phone, the Mosquito Box and your Phone produces extra heat to attract mosquitoes, This way it will not waste any energy and produce our desired extra heat attraction.

Spectral Attraction (CCFL /UV Color) 

The light that a CCFL light produces attracts mosquitoes since it has been adjusted to give off the same body heat of human body’s. The light itself also emits a special spectrum that attracts mosquitoes and other flying insects.

A CCFL light can last up to 40.000+ hours in comparison to the traditional UV lights that people still use from decades ago, there is no need to exchange the light bulbs anymore. Another interesting thing is that a CCFL light uses 60% less energy than the traditional UV bulbs.

The Mosquito Box Usage 

The Mosquito Box is designed for indoor usage but is also capable functioning outdoors like for your garden/patio or balcony.

The MBOX is a specialized device that lures in mosquitoes by offering an alternative for the mosquito, when there are no options available for the mosquito to bite like in your living room or bed room it will be attracted to the trap and captured.

The most important aspect is that you have to keep the trap on when there are no alternatives for mosquitoes to guarantee a 100% capture rate.


  1. AfiqFauzi67
    23 reviews

    Effective on Certain Situation

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 10, 2017

    even its had sound and light to attracting mosquito but the frequency and volume of sound low enough to wont disturbing your sleep, even i had good sleeping using this device. However to gain full effective, the device must be place on tight corner nor mosquito hiding place (clothing rack, under table, etc) and the room must completely light off to able attracting mosquito nearing the device.

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