Moist Diane Hair Treatment Extra Damage Repair

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  1. Moist Diane Oil Treatment Extra Damage Repair gives repairing and moisturizing from the inside. It makes your hair “glossy and shiny”.
  2. Repairs damaged hair to the core. It also repairs and moisturizes hair from the inside and coats the hair surface to lock in the repairing and moisturizing ingredients. It helps your hair look glossy and shiny.
  3. Uniquely formulated with selected hybrid rare oils to treat persistently damaged hair.

– Deeper
added damage repairing ingredients penetrate deeply to repair from the core, leaving hair looking thick and lustrous.

– Deliver
Extra moisturizing effect delivers hair that feels moist to the core

– Dramatic finished look
Leaves your hair thick and glossy.

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    35 reviews

    Suitable for those who have dry and damaged hair

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 17, 2020

    I just love the catchy packaging of this product. Moist Diane silicone-free formula prevents hair follicles from clogging for healthy scalp and hair. It also contains the healing power of organic oils to make your hair feels smooth. Although after using this product for the first time, my hair felt much softer and I was able to comb out my hair thoroughly. So far it really impressed me. My hair feels dry sometimes, but after using this product for a few times, I noticed that it did a good job in moisturising and nourishing my dry hair. Might repurchase it because of the effectiveness although the price is a bit expensive because this bottle can last for a few months. Will recommend it to those who are able to stand its fragrance because it has a strong floral scent. Suitable for those who have dry and damaged hair, like to perm and colour their hair.

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    4 reviews

    Lembutkan rambut

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 8, 2018

    I love this product so much. Dulu rambut saya kering dan kerap bercabang, tapi lepas penggunaan conditioner ni, rambut jadi lembut, silky dan dah tak kering. Kulit kepala pun rasa ringan dan tak gatal. Saya ikut co-wash method. Product ni best sangat sebab ada minyak argan organik, tak ada sulphates dan paraben. Bau pun wangi sangat. Botol besar dan sangat jimat. Dah guna 2 bulan pun baru separuh botol. Sangat recommended!

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    3 reviews

    Just nice for my damange hair

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 27, 2018

    I used to do a lots of hair coloring and hair do. And it’s cause me got a lot of hair damage and split end. This shampoo really moisturized my hair and leave a very nice smell on it.

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