Moist Diane Botanical Moist Conditioner

Product Details

⦁  Deeply Hydrates Hair – This botanical formulation contains a blend of organic extracts and essential oils, moisturizing hair 5 times better than regular shampoos. Moisture is deeply sealed in for soft and silky hair.

⦁  Deeply Repairs Hair – The natural ingredients repair and smooth out rough surfaces of dry hair for smooth and long-lasting shine.

⦁  Safe & Gentle Deep Cleansing and Moisturizing.

MOIST DIANE Botanical Moist Treatment 480ml has cherry blossoms, pea, seaweed and rice. Plant that represent 4 seasons in Japan supplies plenty of nutrients to our body. Nourish your scalp and hair using the power of nature’s wonders. Replenish moisture to dry and damaged hair, make it shine and healthy in return. Bursting with naturally derived ingredients to provide high protection. Cleanse and nourish hair with Argan Cleansing Oil. A powerful blend of high class and luxurious essential oils.

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