Milux MRC-618 Multi Function Cooker

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Smart and modern rice cooker with 6 pre-set menu. This is not a normal rice cooker, it is a multifunction cooker where you can cook any dishes. It comes with various accessories and digital panel for multi-cooking method. The special designed pot and inner lid will gives a better rice texture. Featuring 5L working capacity where you can cook rice or any dishes up to 4-6 serving. Make your cooking process easier with the assistance of 24 hours preset timer. You can put in ingredients into the cooker in advance and enjoy tasty and warm food with less hassle anytime you want. You can cook, quick cook, steam, soup/porridge, slow cook and bake cake too.

  • Easy Operate Digital Control
  • 24 Hours Preset Timer
  • Special Inner Lid Design for Better Rice Texture
  • Large Heating Element
  • Rice Scoop Holder
  • Removable Steam Vent
  • Convenient Handle Design
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    660 reviews

    Serbaguna dan canggih

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 10, 2017

    Milux ni bagi saya memang canggih dan best guna.
    Boleh guna untuk masak nasi,stim,buat bubur,buat kek dan macam-macam lagi.
    Senang nak guna hanya tekan butang yang kita mahu dan timer akan stop bila cukup masa.
    Tak risau hangus.
    Masakan juga sedap.
    Senang juga dicuci.

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