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MILO® PROTEIN UP™ is the latest ready-to-drink addition to MILO®, crafted specifically for adults who seek high-protein products for their diet. It contains 13g of protein which is equivalent to protein in 2 hen’s eggs. Milo Protein Up comes in a bottle format which can be consumed anytime, anywhere to fit the lifestyle of people who are always on the move and time-pressed. With the goodness of malt, milk and cocoa and paired with the taste of MILO® you love, power yourself up today!

With 13g of Protein, MILO® PROTEIN UP™ can be part of your diet to meet your daily recommended protein intake. Having enough protein helps you build or maintain muscles. This is needed for your daily activities. MILO® PROTEIN UP™ will also give you the nutritious energy of MILO®.

Despite what many think, protein is not just for bodybuilders. In fact, it plays many important roles in our daily lives. It helps to maintain & repair body cells & tissues as it undergoes normal wear and tear. Protein also acts as building materials for bone, muscles and organs. An enzyme, which is formed by protein is important in digesting foods we eat. On top of that, protein is the building block of our immune cells.

Generally, for healthy adults aged 18-59 years, the recommended protein intake per day is 1g per kg body weight*. So if you weigh 50kg, this means you would need 50g of protein daily. You can easily calculate how much protein you need by using the same formula. However, if you are underweight, overweight, obese or with an underlying health condition, your protein needs may vary. Hence, we recommend that you speak to your healthcare professional for further information.

  1. Ariel
    218 reviews

    Great protein boost

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 6, 2019

    It is sooo convenient to bring this bottle of Milo around and consume it after working out in the gym. It tastes really rich and chocolatey and seriously awesome when chilled! With 13g of protein in each petite bottle, it definitely goes a long way to meet my daily protein requirement and help rebuild my muscles so that they can heal faster after my workout.

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