Milbon Tonic Neo Leaf Hair Tonic

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Milbon Tonic Neo Leaf Hair Tonic maintainer for a clean and healthy scalp


Constant hair care with Neo Leaf will enhance your hair and keep your hair and scalp in good order by the effective ingredients.
Helps maintain a healthy and clean scalp to keep the hair condition.

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    Indeed thinning hair becomes thicker

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 18, 2018

    It was expensive but it was worth the price with the packaging and effects it has on my hair. It’s packaged in glass container, hence preserved the ingredients better. However, it would better if the design on the container could be changed to spray type instead of dripping it directly to your hair. Sometimes, too much dripping accidentally might hurt the eyes.

    Besides, it also has the unpleasant smell.

    Nonetheless, despite the packaging and the smell, it was worth the price. My hair indeed got thicker.

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