Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due Silkyluxe Nutrient

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Product details of Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due Silkyluxe Nutrient 150ml

 Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due SilkyLuxe Hair Nutrient For Fine Hair that tangles Women with colored hair experience different kinds of textural damage to their hair such as dry, rough & tangles. Neu Due is designed to improve the texture of colored hair without altering the beautiful color. Result: Detangles and smoothes hair, silky lightness Effective Ingredients Shampoo & Treatment: Hydrolyzed Silk Nutrient: Isostearoyl Hydrolyzed Silk How It Works Shampoo: Amino receptors fill the damage holes Treatment & Nutrient: Lipidure attaches to amino receptors delivering moisture inside. Lipidure penetrates between cuticle layers. Blow dry: When hair is dried, Lipidure changes its form to coat the hair. Use: After shampooing, lightly remove excess water. Apply this product to hair, mainly at the ends. Lightly massage and twist the hair for a better penetration. Leave it on for 3 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Recommended to use once or twice a week as a special care.
Available in :
Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due WillowLuxe Nutrient 150ml
Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due SilkyLuxe Nutrient 150ml
Milbon Deesse’s Neu Due VelourLuxe Nutrient 150ml
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