Miele C1 Powerline Vacuum Cleaner

Product Details

The Miele C1 Powerline vacuum cleaner delivers powerful performance without compromises due to the strong and powerful motor technology and advanced bucket design.

Key Features

  • Handy Locking System

Nothing comes loose in this vacuum cleaner, even the floorhead, suction tube and handle lock into each other with an audible fit.


  • Cleaning Performance

It has a very powerful performance with the unique technical design that allows you to achieve the best results even with low power.


  • System for Vacuum Breaks

This is also practical enough as the floorhead and suction tube are parked at the rear. The motor of the vacuum cleaner will also switch off automatically, but only in certain models.


  • Thermol Protection

It is fully automatic as the temperature limiter protects the motors of Miele’s cylinder vacuum cleaners from overheating.

  1. connienee30
    135 reviews

    Set off the smoke alarm, too quiet!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2017

    I can’t believe how quiet this unit is when it’s operating and how easily it follows me around.

    The canister is lightweight and easy to carry. The telescoping hose and handle is really nice and great for reaching high up and much longer and the head much easier to push for someone of my height. Besides, Suction is great and I love that it’s adjustable and does great with pet hair, quiet enough not to scare even the cats and dog.

    Good assistance in doing house job and definitely recommend it!

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