Micro Cell Cuticle Care Pen

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The Micro Cell Cuticle Care Pen works to protect the cuticles once they have been pushed back and cut. Cuticles protect the skin against dirt, bacteria and infections that invade and harm the nail matrix, if they are pushed back or cut too much, the skin can react and nail growth impaired, leading to infections and inflamation.
  • Provides optimally maintained cuticles
  • Contains high quality oils (Peachstone, Jojoba and Rice) to promote healthy growth
  • Improves nail growth by nourishing the nail matrix
  • Cuticles are left smooth and flexible
  • Easy and targeted application perfect for practical care on the go
  • Can be used as often as needed and does not need to be washed off if applied over nail polish
Micro Cell Cuticle Care Pen is part of the Micro Cell Nail Care Collection.
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