Metabolic+ Sauver – Blood Glucose Management

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Metabolic + Sauver is specially designed for blood glucose management. Therefore, it is suitable for people with metabolic syndromes and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is a serious health condition that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke.

No. 1 Lowest Glycemic Index (GI) Diabetes Specific Formula

Top 6 Reasons to Choose Metabolic + Sauver 

1. Low Glycemic Index, GI = 26.84 

Firstly, it is the lowest GI diabetes specific formula.

  • Release glucose slowly and steadily
  • Minimize spikes in blood sugar

2. Oxi-Shield Formulation

Secondly, it improves blood glucose control.

  • Cinnulin MS increases insulin sensitivity
  • In addition, 8 natural plant extracts rich in antioxidant

3. Cellular Spark Formulation

Thirdly, it gives you better energy throughout the day.

  • MCT suppresses fat deposition and preserves insulin sensitivity
  • Besides that, CoQ10 provides instant energy.

4. 4x High Fiber Complex

Moreover, it enhances satiety feeling and maintains gut health

  • Innulin, Palatinose™, Oat Fiber & Indigestible Maltodextrin
  • Thus, each serving = 5.3g fiber

5. Complete and Balanced nutrition 

In addition, it is best as meal replacement.

  • 28 vitamins and minerals
  • Therefore, it provides all essential nutrients needed by our body

6. Suitable for tube feeding

  • Last but not least, you can consult our dietitian to incorporate Metabolic Sauver in the patient’s feeding regime
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