Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Intensive Whitening Essence

Product Details

The sun exposure, aging and genetic factors are the main causes that lead to changes in skin pigmentation. Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ is a treatment capable to effectively prevents and reduces appearance of spots originating from the hyperpigmentation and also give the skin a deep hydration.

So, while Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ products unify skin tone, they also reduce wrinkles and fine lines of the face and reduce the pore size as well. Products from this range have antioxidant action, they protect the skin and slow down the aging process.


Ultimate W+ Intensive Whitening Essence was developed for deep care of the skin with hyperpigmentation problems, as well as to combat with the signs of skin aging. It is a super concentrated cosmetic, but at the same time with a very slight texture which leaves the skin with silky touch and matt.

The [meso] white Complex®  combined with the garden cress (Lepidium sativum) are effective in limiting the transport of melanin to the outer layers of the skin, in order to facilitate the correction of spots cause by pigmentation disorders.

Thanks to Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Intensive Whitening Essence the skin regains its natural homogeneity, adequate hue and amazing brightness. It contains aloe vera – moisturizing, whitening and soothing ingredient

How to use

Apply Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Intensive Whitening Essence daily to clean, dry skin.
For best results, it is recommended to clean the skin with other products fromMesoestetic like Ultimum W+ Foam and Ultimate W+ Toning Lotion.

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