Mesoestetic Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour

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With age, the normal cell renewal process slows down. The biosynthesis of collagen and elastin also decreases, so that the cells begin to undergo structural changes and lose the ability to normally carry out its functions. The result is the loss of cutaneous density and the appearance of wrinkles, sagging and lines.

In order to slow down process of the aging of the skin Mesoestetic launched Stem Cell line, products from that line contain high concentrations of plant stem cells. These cells have shown a great ability to protect and restore the normal function of normal functions of ours dermoepidermal stem cells.

Thus, the Mesoestetic Stem Cell composition favors the strengthening of connective tissue and significantly improves skin texture, eliminating and preventing the formation of wrinkles.


Mesoestetic Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour is the first filling lip contour cream based on plant stem cells and hyaluronic acid. It is specifically designed to deal with this delicate facial area, which usually is dry and sensitive. This unique combination of ingredients ensures a double effect: restructure of the fragile tissue and fill the grooves that appear around the mouth due to repetitive mimic movements.

Ths contour lip filling cream mixes the regenerative power of stem plant cells to high filling capacity of hyaluronic acid, which plays a supportive role for collagen fibers and newly created elastin.

How to use

Apply Mesoestetic Stem Cell Nanofiller Lip Contour daily, in the morning and in the evening, in area of lip contour. Use your fingertips with soft tapping action, massage the treated area until the full absorption of the product.

For the other areas of the face, it recommends the use other products from Mesoestetic Stem Cell line.

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