Mesoestetic Melanogel Anti-Spot Depigmenting Cream

Product Details

Mesoestetic Melanogel Anti-Spot Cream is designed to mitigate or eliminate skin blemishes. It is suitable for all skin types except the most sensitive.


The ingredients of Mesoestetic Melanogel Anti-Spot Cream inhibit the enzymatic mechanisms of melanin synthesis in order to provide a gradual unification of skin tone and improve its appearance. The product is also effective against other skin hipercromies as acne blemishes.

How to use:

Apply Mesoestetic Melanogel Anti-Spot Cream on the affected areas twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, onto a clean and dry skin. Treatment should be continued for 8 weeks to obtain visible results.

Precautions for Use

During the treatment, it is essential to use efficient and constant sun protection. It is recommended to use cosmetics from the range of Mesoestetic Sun Protection such as Moisturising Sun Protection SPF50+ or Dermatological Sun Protection SPF50+. Lack of sun protection reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

For spots with larger extent, it is advisable to use Mesoestetic Cosmelan Pack orMesoestetic Dermamelan Pack.

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