Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum

Product Details

Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum is an intensive moisturising and antioxidant treatment, which stimulates ability of the skin to protect itself against free radicals.


Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum comes in packaging with 4 vials 7 ml each. With ultra-concentrated vitamin C (10%) Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum is a powerful antioxidant, which provides an immediate and intense lifting effect and hydration. Product protects the skin from free radicals, leaving it nourished and with greater elasticity, which reduces fine wrinkles and expression lines.

How to use

Each vial of Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum corresponds to one week of treatment. Treatment lasts a total of one month.

Ultra-concentrated vitamin C (10%) is secured in the protective cover, in order to keep its properties until the moment of application of the product. Once vitamin C is released inside the bottle, the full content of a pipette should be applied to the area that is about to be treated – like the face, neck and neckline with a gentle massage in circular motions.

Mesoestetic Energy C Complex Serum should be used preferably at night. For best results, treatment should be repeated every 4 months.

Please note

To not “waste” majority of the content of vitamin C, it is advisable to store the serum in the fridge for 7 consecutive days of use.

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