Mesoestetic Bodyshock Night Reducer

Product Details

Mesoestetic Bodyshock Night Reducer is a reducer cream which promotes and facilitates drainage of excessive liquid overnight. Significantly improves blood microcirculation favoring drainage and helping to reshape the silhouette leaving the skin smooth and even, acting during the rest period when the skin is more receptive increasing its effectiveness.


  • Active ingredients with reducing properties
  • Effective reduction of excessive liquid
  • Draining and blood microcirculation is improved and enhanced
  • As a result, the silhouette is reshaped and reaffirmed and the skin becomes smoother and uniform

How to use

Apply Mesoestetic Bodyshock Night Reducer every day, at night, massaging the skin with circular movements from the bottom up especially addressing the most affected areas. For best results, also apply Mesoestetic Bodyshock Total Reducer or Mesoestetic Bodyshock Local Reducer.

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