Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip

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Mentholatum Melty Cream Lip is a moisturising lip cream with a new sensation. With a never-experienced-before soft, smooth application sensation that seems like the cream is actually melting.

Mentholatum Melty-Cream Lip melts onto your lips from your body heat, providing moisture. The “Moist Bank technology” reacts with moisture in the air, melting onto the lips coating your lips comfortably.

It contains ceramide 3, ceramide 2, ceramide 6 II. It melts at body temperature, giving your lips a sense of tightness.

Apply it before bed or if it’s dry at the office, cold outside, under lipstick. Melty cream, providing you with soft, smooth lips.

  1. Ariel
    235 reviews

    Creamy lips on the go

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 1, 2020

    I love Mentholatum lip balms and this is my latest favourite! The rich honey Melty Cream Lip makes my lips feel like it is being enveloped by honey. The fragrance is reminiscent of honey – minus the guilty sweet taste. The fragrance-free variant is equally creamy and moisturising, but is of course, free from smells. Both are SPF 25, which means my lips are protected from the harsh effects of the sun and UV rays. I highly recommend these lip balms!

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