Medela Freestyle Double Electric Pump

Product Details


Small, lightweight and fixed with a clip, the Medela Freestyle double breast pump is designed with busy mums in mind. Hook it on your blouse, slot it into your pocket and enjoy pumping on the go. Highly efficient, it is a perfect pump for mums who need to express milk several times a day.

Key Features


Weighing just 370g, it is one of the smallest double pump on the market. The Freestyle is conveniently sized and has a rechargeable battery so you can pump almost anywhere.

Easy interaction

The digital screen displays information such as pumping and letdown suction level (select your comfort level from one to nine) and has a timer so you do not need to watch the clock while pumping.

2-Phase Expression technology

Thanks to Medela’s 2-Phase Expression technology the breast pump simulates your baby’s natural sucking behaviour at the breast and feels very comfortable to use. The simple up/down buttons allow you to control the vacuum to suit your comfort level as this is when your milk will flow best.



  1. Ching Cherry
    12 reviews

    Expensive but worth the price

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 4, 2018

    Once i decided to breatfeed, I chose this breast pump which recommended by many people. It is very expensive but after using it, I feel it is really worth for the price. I used the breastpump for both of my kids. I managed to breastfeed my first kid for 1 year and my 2nd kid for 14 months and now I had passed this pump to my sister in law. If withou this breastpump, I don’t think I will continue my breastfeeding journey for so long time.

  2. sweet2looi
    52 reviews

    My best buddy during breastfeeding journey

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 26, 2017

    I have been using Medela Freestyle since 2010 for my first kid, about 11 months, my 2nd child in 2015 for 11 months as well and now my 3rd child who born in sept 2016 until now, almost 10months. This pump is really my great great helper during my breastfeeding journey. At first I am not so good in using it to generate more milk thus I can only breastfeed both of my kids until 11 months. Now after gather some experiences finally I got to utilize the functions and the goodness of this pump. First this pump is really compact and portable as it is battety operated. I brought it to office, shopping mall and travel trip. I can pump my milk anywhere comfortably as long as it was fully charged. It is very durable and I was quite surprise the motor is still functioning well after I have been using it for so long and sometimes I accidentally drop on the floor. It is really good for heavy duty usage. The spare parts can be found and purchased easily online or during Baby Expo roadshow. I had changed the tubing, the adapter and breast shield before. It is available in most of the babystore and always got stock. Although now the battery has a bit weak but I can still direct connect to charger for stronger suction. The 2 phase expression is the main selling point of this pump, this designed to simulate baby suction thus whenever I feel my breast is still hard and not empty, this suction is there to make me let down and stimulate more milks. It never disappoint me and works like magic! Double pump is a must to save time and you will have two free hands to do other works such as surfing the net.

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