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Established in 2021, ME Health & Beauty focuses on providing Malaysian women with a range of health care treatments to help improve various gynaecological symptoms, enhance the health of the uterus and ovaries, and assist customers in maintaining physical and mental wellness. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to assisting every woman in regaining her health and maintaining her youthful beauty, reducing the incidence of gynaecological diseases, and living a high-quality, healthy lifestyle.

It currently has three branches in the Klang Valley, located in Bukit Jalil, Kepong, and Klang, Selangor. It employs over ten professional and experienced therapists who offer health care treatments from head to toe, including uterine ovary care, breast lymph care, back dehumidification herbal care, hip meridian therapy, ear candling, belly candling, and other services. It also offers personalised care plans based on specific symptoms or needs.

Additionally, ME Health & Beauty’s professional-certified aromatherapists develop their own line of detox essential oils, which are combined with exclusive massage techniques for physical and mental wellness. It aids in the metabolism of lymphatic toxins, promotes blood circulation, and alleviates moisture and cold-related discomfort.

Many women who are concerned about their ovarian health prefer the award-winning uterine ovary herbal care treatment. ME Health & Beauty’s treatments combine Chinese meridian acupoints with infrared physiotherapy technology, utilising 100% pure natural essential oils and the essence of various Chinese herbs to regulate female hormones and balance the ovarian endocrine system.

When combined with the therapist’s knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine care, massage techniques such as pressing, rubbing, kneading, and rubbing can effectively promote blood circulation, dispel wind and cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, and improve coldness, obesity and oedema, muscle tension, cold hands and feet, irritability, insomnia, and delay menopause, as well as delay ageing.

ME Health & Beauty won the Natural Health Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 for the Ovary Care Treatment category.

ME Health & Beauty和你一起呵护女性健康


ME Health & Beauty 由2021年成立至今,专注为马来西亚女性提供一系列的养生护理疗程,协助改善各种妇科症状,提升子宫卵巢的健康,帮助顾客保持身体和心灵的健康。成立至今以帮助每个女性恢复健康、永葆少女美为己任,引导我国女性提升自身保健意识,从此远离亚健康,减少妇科疾病发生,并享受高品质的健康生活。


此外,ME Health & Beauty的专业认证芳疗师打造自家品牌的排毒精油,配合独家按摩手法使用达到身心治疗的目的,有助于代谢淋巴毒素,促进血液循环,并减轻湿气和寒气带来的不适。

当中主打的是屡获殊荣的子宫卵巢草药护理疗程,更是深受不少注重卵巢健康的女士欢迎。ME Health & Beauty一系列的护理疗程皆以中医经络穴位为基,再结合红外线理疗科技,利用100%纯天然精油与多种中草药的精华,从根本上调理女性荷尔蒙和平衡卵巢内分泌。再配合护理师精通中医护理知识,通过按、摩、揉、搓等按摩手法,有效活血行气、祛风散寒、舒缓经痛不适,并改善宫寒、虚胖水肿、肌肉紧绷、手脚冰凉、心烦失眠以及延缓更年期等问题,达至养颜养生、延缓衰老!

  1. KS Chin
    19 reviews

    Postpartum pelvic recovery

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 5, 2024

    Had a pleasant experience with ME Health & Beauty. They offer vary pre-natal and postnatal treatments. They have 3 branches across Klang Valley and the one I attended was Desa Parkcity branch.
    I’ve tried on their postpartum pelvic recovery treatment and you can see significant changes after just one treatment! The therapist is friendly and attentive too, highly recommended for those who want to correct your posture or having pelvic pain.

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