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Mastar provides a diverse range of home electric appliances for customer’s home needs since 1992. Mastar has been trusted as a loyal brand that will stand alongside the customers, and provide consumers the important daily needs in home appliances
Vacuuming Made Easy

The Mastar Vacuum Cleaner is made with user convenience in mind. It has power electric control on body to adjust the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. This allows you to adjust it to slightly less when you are around children or pets. It also comes with telescopic tubes to get those dusts that are not visible and hidden in hard to reach places.

Simpler Vacuuming

The Mastar Vacuum Cleaner comes with a wide array of features to make vacuuming easier for users. It has an indicator to show how full the bag of the vacuum is so that the user will know when the bag needs to be removed or cleaned. It also has a hidden cord retractable button so that you can keep the cord from getting tangled up or coming in the way of the children in the house. The filter bag of the Mastar Vacuum Cleaner  can also be washed easily allowing for reuse.

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