Marina Fish Nuggets

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Succulent Freshness from the Sea
To experience the succulent freshness of fish so perfectly sealed in with crispy breadcrumbs, just fry and serve as desired!

It’s that easy and convenient to prepare. For a quick and nutritious meal for the whole family, serve Marina Fish Nuggets accompanied with your favourite chilli / tomato sauce. Or add some zest with a dab of mayonnaise and a squeeze of lime / lemon juice.

  1. Nur Adra Hanisa
    24 reviews

    sangat digemari oleh anak saya

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 26, 2017

    Marina Fish Nuggets sangat digemari oleh anak saya yang berusia 1tahun 8 bulan. Saya juga mudah menyediakannya untuk sarapan dan minum petang

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