Mamoru Bilberry Colostrum

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Children’s eyesight has to be taken good care of by their parents and/or caregivers or there will be risks of vision issues, especially during these times of increased usage of screens for learning, playing, etc. A healthy, well-balanced diet which offers the right nutrients for eye health would be of immense help, but it may not necessarily be attainable for most families, especially on a daily basis. Mamoru Bilberry Colostrum, this year’s winner of Kid’s Eye Supplement has turned out to be of great help for parents who are keen to ensure their children’s eye health. They are fromulated using concentrated bilberry extract together with colostrum, which is the milk of cows that is produced within the first 24-48 hours after giving birth. The anthocyanins-rich bilberries are known to provide ample support for eye health. Combined with immune-boosting colostrum, these delectable, chewable Mamoru Bilberry Colostrum is easily absorbed by the body, helping to improve vision, soothe tired eyes, and promote healthier, sharper vision for growing children.

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