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The Silk Teat is specially designed to feel just like your skin. The silky textured and design mimics the shape and feel of your breast, encouraging your baby to suckle.

The teat is thin, soft, and, with its silky surface, creates the comfortable feeling of skin. In addition, it is flat and symmetrical – this corresponds to the form which the nipple takes when the baby is sucking milk. This promotes natural sucking behavior in your child, which promotes your child’s jaw development.

The teat is relatively broad. Thus, it offers a large contact surface for the lips, and your child must open his or her mouth widely, as when at the mother’s breast.

  1. AunCyi14
    26 reviews

    Super soft texture, most baby adapt well. Can fix with all MAM bottle

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 24, 2021

    I love all MAM products and my son has been using it since newborn till now and he is 3 years old currently. This ultivent silk teat is super soft and easily to adapt for a poor sucker baby. My son tends to leak a lot of milk while drinking before he uses this silk teats. This teat can be fix in all MAM bottles. Highly recommended.

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