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Are you still bothered by the unpleasant odour in your mouth? Especially after smoking, drinking, eating strong-tasting food, or wearing a mask for an extended period of time, the problem of bad breath becomes more apparent! Statistics indicate that more than 80% of bad breath originates in the oral cavity, and under normal circumstances, bad breath can be quickly eliminated by practising proper oral hygiene.

The LV Orale Care essential oil oral spray contains natural essential oils and a variety of Chinese medicine ingredients that are beneficial to oral health. The concentrated formulation is derived from 5 major plant extracts: lemon essential oil, premium propolis, green tea, bamboo salt and Yinqiao. One spray can naturally care for your oral hygiene, freshen your breath, soothe your throat and mouth, and have a significant effect on eliminating oral bacteria. A small bottle is portable and lightweight, and you can say goodbye to bad breath with a single spray!

The oral cavity is an important line of defense against viruses. The so-called disease is transmitted via the mouth. Regular use of LV Orale Care essential oil oral spray can not only freshen your breath, but also effectively inhibit the growth of oral bacteria and prevent bad breath caused by bad bacteria; it’s like having your own private oral nurse. Only by maintaining their gums will their teeth age with them. The most important point is that removing harmful bacteria from the mouth can effectively reduce the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The LV Orale Care essential oil oral spray provides you and your family with a natural oral spray that is safe and non-irritating, suitable for men, women, and children. A few sprays of a safe, child-specific formula before bedtime can inhibit the growth of bacteria, prevent the development of tooth decay, and solve the problem of children not brushing their teeth regularly. LV Orale Care Essential Oil Mouth Spray contains ingredients that are gentle and non-irritating. It can be sprayed anywhere and at any time to effectively eliminate bad breath and promote healthy teeth and gums!

你还在为口腔有异味而烦恼吗?尤其是吸烟、喝酒、吃重口味食物、长时间佩戴口罩后,口腔异味问题更加明显!据统计,80%以上的口臭来源于口腔,在一般情况下,通过正确的口腔卫生措施就可以很快去除口臭。LV Orale Care 精油口腔喷雾,含有天然精油及多种有益中药成分,喷一喷就能清新口气,舒缓喉咙和口腔不适,且消除口腔细菌效果显著,天然呵护您的口腔卫生。小小一支轻巧便携,轻轻一喷就和口气说bye-bye!

口腔是身体病毒防线之一,所谓病从口入,时常喷一喷 LV Orale Care 精油口腔喷雾不仅让您的口气清新,也可有效抑制口腔细菌滋生,预防坏菌引起的口臭;它犹如您的私人口腔护士,喷一喷就能高效抑制细菌滋生,维持口腔菌群生态平衡,并提升牙龈免疫力,养好牙龈才能让牙齿陪伴到老。最重要的一点是:消除了口腔坏菌,才能有效减少蛀牙和牙周病的机率。

LV Orale Care 精油口腔喷雾为您和您的一家人提供安全无刺激的天然口腔喷雾,男女老少都适用,孕妇和儿童也安全使用。专为儿童调配的安全配方,睡前喷几下可以抑制细菌滋生,避免蛀牙发展,补救小孩刷牙经常偷懒的问题。LV Orale Care 精油口腔喷雾的成分温和0刺激,随时随地喷一喷,有效消除口腔异味,抑菌健齿!

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