Lunavie Multi Purpose Latch

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Help to prevent children from opening refrigerators, cupboards, cabinet, toilet, etc. It can be used on curved surface and corners and on a variety of surfaces including glass, metal, wood and plastic.

To install:
1)      Determine installation location.
2)      Clean and wipe the surface dry, free from dust or oil
3)      Peel off the release paper. Ensure latch is facing downwards (refer to following diagram,) Firmly press cabinet lock
4)      The adhesive strength will reach its optimum after 24 hours

To open: Press on disc against the cabinet and gently unhook the strap from the same disc.

To close: Close cabinet and hook the strap back onto the disc. Ensure it is engaged properly.

This Product is a deterrent and not a substitute for adult supervision. Never leave children unattended. Discontinue use when the child is able to remove it. If worn or damaged, remove immediately and replace as needed. Check the product regularly to ensure safely use.

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