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What is MediSecure insurance?

A health plan with guaranteed renewal up to 80 years old and no lifetime limit.

Life’s unpredictability can make it wonderful and exciting, and challenging at the same time. That is why, it is important to be ready for the unexpected events in life so you can ease the uncertainties and bounce back from any setbacks.

As the Malay saying goes, “sediakan payung sebelum hujan”, which literally means preparing an umbrella before it rains – MediSecure can be that plan to safeguard your health so if anything unfortunate happens, you’ll be glad to know that you’re covered and your loved ones won’t be financially burdened.

What does MediSecure insurance covers?

MediSecure provides for reimbursement of hospitalisation and surgical expenses incurred due to illnesses or accidents covered under the policy.

With MediSecure, you have the flexibility to choose the optional protection (i.e. top-up benefits, deductible) that you need.

What are the salient features of MediSecure insurance?

• Guaranteed Renewal up to 80 years old (age at next birthday)

• No Lifetime Limit

• Flexible Co-Payment

• Higher entry age up to 65 years old (age at next birthday)

• 10% No Claim Bonus on Initial Overall Annual Limit at each renewal (up to 5 years)

• Discount up to 50% on Annual Premium with Deductible option

• Extra Benefits for Medi500 and Medi380 at No Extra Charge

• Option to Top Up Benefits with additional premium

• Automatic Renewal option

• 0% interest for 6 or 12 month installments with selected credit cards for Individual Policyholders

• Cashless hospital admission for Non-Deductible Policy

• Worldwide Coverage

• Tax relief up to RM3,000

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