Little Hands Daycare Centre
Little Hands Daycare Centre

Little Hands Daycare Centre

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Ask any seasoned parent and they would swear, without batting an eyelid, that children are like mini walking talking sponges, absorbing every bit of information and nuance off their surrounding. So feeding your young child’s mind with the right foundational “nutrition” is crucial in the development of their intelligence, character and self-confidence.

Little Hands Daycare Centre champions the vision of enabling each and every child access to quality early childhood care and education emphasizing on 21st century learning skills through its well-rounded curriculum encompassing Language Arts Writing, Little Scientist (STEM Programme), Euler Maths (STEM Programme) and Social & Personal Development, which together promote critical thinking, self-discovery and active learning.

Its three programmes – Preschool (Montesorri & STEM Curriculum), Daycare (Enrichment Class) and After School Care (Homework Coaching) – cater to the needs of children between the ages of 3 and 9, and are designed to unlock their full potential as they learn, explore, experiment and play in a fun, safe, conducive environment that serves as an inviting, inspiring platform for kids to build and hone their literacy, numeracy, science, cognitive and social skills.

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