Liphop Aloe Vera Moist Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel

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Have you ever felt itchy skin under makeup, or even discomfort after shaving? With our country’s intense heat and sun, you’re probably always cocooning yourself in a dry air-conditioned room. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, those harmful UV rays could cause a rather painful sunburn, and we all know how troublesome that can be. You’ll fall head over heels in love with the new Liphop Aloe Vera Moist Aqua Jelly Face & Body Gel! Formulated and made in Korea, this collection of fun, playful and delightful moisture care gels not only offers superb hydrating benefits, but a multi-functional approach to solving all your moisture treatment needs! It works on your hair, face, hands and body!

Suitable for all skin types, the Aloe Moist range will give you that needed boost in moisture. With a high concentration of Aloe Vera extract, it’s not only moisturising but high in antioxidants and provides great skin soothing relief.

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