LifeCell Lip Plumper Treatment

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Why your lips need a plumping treatment:

Lip plumping injections can wreak havoc on your lips in terms of swelling, inflammation and in some cases, even an allergic reaction. LifeCell Lip Plumping Treatment works topically to enhance lip volume, fullness and texture thanks to its patented peptide solution, Maxi Lip™


What it is:

LifeCell Lip Plumping Treatment is a non-irritating lip treatment designed to plump your lips and smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Our Lip Plumping Treatment’s star ingredient is the patented peptide complex Maxi Lip™.

MaxiLip contains peptides that mimic parts of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins. The peptide GHK is a fragment of type 1 collagen molecule and is believed to serve as a biological indicator of increased degradation of the skin matrix. When the key skin matrix-producing cells (fibroblasts) detect increased levels of GHK, they “assume” that the skin matrix is being lost at a higher rate and begin synthesizing it more vigorously. This triggers the synthesis of new collagen and helps to strengthen and smooth skin cells.

MaxiLip topically increases oxygen in the skin, thus increasing blood flow to the area, leading to plumper lips temporarily and a lasting effect when used regularly. Skin needs oxygen to assist in the production of collagen, elastin and other elements necessary for a healthy skin condition. As we age the circulation in our capillaries deteriorates, thus decreasing the level of oxygen and nutrients reaching our skin cells.

Fragrance & Paragon Free.
Suitable for all skin types.

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