Liew’s Cafe 3-In-1 Roasted White Coffee

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Roasted White Coffee – The beans are roasted over a charcoal fire under controlled temperature. This method of roasting removes
the acidity and sour taste but preserves the pureness and richness of natural fragrance, sweetness and bitterness in coffee.

Glycerol Carbon Spicy White Coffee – refers to the fact that the fire source of baking is carbon fire, so it is not re-baking but shallow roast coffee. Light baking carbon coffee can remove the bitterness and sourness caused by high-temperature carbon baking.
And can retain the special flavor of carbon savory coffee, sweet, alcohol, rich and bitter.

  • No Trans Fat – Trans fat free
  • Halal Product – Muslim food
  • Pure Natural Formulation – Pure natural formula
  • Practise License – Production License
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