Lice Starter Kit

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Gets rid of nits and head lice. Natural, effective and mild. With valuable active ingredients such as andiroba, rapeseed and coconut oil, quassia vinegar and the finest essential oils. Conditions scalp and hair. No risk of resistance, insecticide-free!!

1. gets rid of head lice and blocks their respiratory openings.
2. attacks the chitin shell of the nits – preventing the larvae from hatching 90 % effectiveness against head lice and nits has been clinically proven when applied 3 times within 14 days.
Part hair. Apply crème cream generously, completely covering the scalp (especially behind the ears and in the nape) and covering the full length of the hair. Leave in for 45 minutes (cover with cap provided), then rinse carefully. Repeat after 7 days and in severe cases after 14 days. Please read the instructions for use!
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