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MediStar is a five-star cashless admission medical health insurance that offers a wide range of comprehensive benefits in medical, surgical & hospitalisation expenses, ambulance fees, daily cash allowance provisions and other related medical charges at competitive pricing. This plan allows you to enjoy 0% interest on your monthly instalment payments regardless of the payment amount. Its other benefits include guaranteed renewal up to 70 years old and 4 distinct plans with worldwide coverage for selection

Why Choose Medistar?

Peace Of Mind Comes With A Comprehensive Health Insurance – MediStar

Total peace of mind is knowing that if a tragedy were to strike, you and your loved ones will be ready with sufficient financial and medical coverage. This reassuring thought will definitely eliminate any stress and anxiety that might arise in these trying times.

You are rest assured that MediStar will take care of everything. Our comprehensive coverage in medical, surgical & hospitalization expenses, ambulance fees and other related medical charges, helps you to breathe easy and prevents you from worrying about things other than your health.

The MediStar cashless admission plan, which is complimented with a MediStar Medical Card, guarantees immediate cashless hospital admission and upon discharge you only need to settle all excess charges. The Medical Card also offers a range of other benefits such as a daily cash allowance and attractive discount features.

Liberty Insurance Berhad has appointed Asia Assistance Network (M) Sdn. Bhd. (AAN) as the Administrator of services for our MediStar plan. AAN with its 24-hour service network will help facilitate your convenient admission to and discharge from a hospital 7 days a week.


From As Low As 87 Sen Per Day

You can enjoy financial security and total peace of mind by investing less than RM1.00 a day. Your lunch will cost more than that! This premium amount is before Goods and Services Tax (GST).

24Hours Cashless Admission

Just present your Medical Card for immediate admission. No cash deposit is required.

Attractive Discount Features

No Claim Discount (NCD):

If you do not make a claim during the period of insurance, the premium charged upon renewal will be Health Insurance – MediStar

Family Discount (FD)

This is a special discount to be given if your dependants are insured under the same policy

Hospital Benefits

a) Surgical Benefits

  • Up to RM40,000 per any one disability including Surgical and Anaesthethist’s Fees
  • Organ Transplantation – Costs up to RM50,000 per lifetime (Heart, Kidney, Lung or Liver Transplantation)

b) Non – Surgical Benefits

  • Up to RM40,000 per any one disability

c) Hospital Confinement Benefits

  • Room & Board – From RM100 to RM300 daily and payable up to maximum stay of 150 days per any one disability
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Hospital Supplies & Services including Operating Theatre
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