LG X Power 5.3” 2GB RAM

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If you want a dirt-cheap phone with a huge battery, LG has got something for you. The LG X Power is a plastic phone with a generic design, but what makes it worth a look is what’s under the hood: a giant, 4100mAh battery.

The LG X Power features a 5.3” display, but its physical size is more akin of that of a modern 5.5-inch phone – it’s those screen bezels that make this phone appear a bit larger than its peers.

A phone is a long-term investment, so we’re not looking at just size or battery. We ought to answer the most important question: is the LG X Power a good phone all around? And is it worth buying or are there too many compromises that come with its low price? Join us as we take a deeper look at its performance, camera capabilities, display quality and battery longevity below.


With its generic plastic design, the LG X Power does not look great, nor does it stand out in any way. It’s still solidly put together, though.

A throwback to the plastic Android phone designs that were prevalent a couple of years ago, the LG X Power feels a bit like an old-time relic, but without the value usually associated with such antiques: it’s an all-plastic affair with no trendy metal or glass elements. It is cheap and it feels cheap, period. Yet, this does not mean that it is flimsy: rather the opposite, it’s still put together solidly, with no moving parts.

We also appreciate that it’s relatively thin, despite its large battery. The X Power measures 0.31”, or 7.9mm in terms of thickness, and it weighs 139g for a very light-weight, airy feel.

The back cover has a very delicate pattern to it and a soft-touch finish that makes it a pleasure to hold. Overall, the X Power – with its slightly tapered screen towards the top and bottom and the lack of any rough edges – is fairly ergonomic, with a cozy in-hand feel.

Disappointingly, there is no fingerprint scanner on the phone. These days we store a ton of personal data on our devices, and we see the lack of fingerprint protection as a fairly critical omission, even on a cheap phone like the X Power.

Just in case you’re wondering, the handset also lacks any form of special water protection.

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