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Inverter Direct Drive™ System

By eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors, LG’s Inverter Direct Drive System increases the motor’s stability and lessens vibrations. Direct Drive is the finest and robustness motor ever. Moreover this new innovation can lead to less noise, and increase stability and energy saving. Therefore, it does have nothing comparable when it comes to performance and durability.

Allergy Care Cycle

Reduces allergens using high temperature in conjunction with steam. This assists with the reduction of common household allergens such as dust mites, providing a more hygienic wash.

6 Motion

LG’s new 6 Motion Technology introduces new way to care for clothes just like hand washing. The Direct Drive Motor precisely controls the action of the tub, allowing for up to 6 wash motions including Stepping, Filtration, Rolling, Tumbling, Scrubbing and Swing to take clothes care to the next level. The washer automatically combines these different combinations of wash motions to the selected cycle to ensure the perfect clean.

Intelligent Washing System

Once the start button is pressed, sensors detect the load and the selected water temperature to optimise water level and cycle time according to the size and type of load. It also prevents users from selecting excessive spin speeds and temperatures over the appropriate range, which can result in damage to clothes. After auto programming, the washing machine automatically begins its cycle. The intelligent washing system detects and adjusts imbalances and excessive suds during operation for the best washing performance.

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