LG Optimus L7 P705 4GB

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L-Style’s genuine beauty lies far deeper than just love at first sight. With each use you’ll notice another fine detail you missed the time before. L-Style isn’t just another new design, it’s a lifestyle statement. A statement crafted to seamlessly blend high-tech and high-fashion for greater pride and prestige- all in one package of LG Optimus L7 P70.


People say, you will only fall in love once. They are wrong. You will fall in love twice, one probably is with your true love but another is with LG Optimus L7 P70. The phone’s perfect design boasts exquisite style and a comfortable grip for everyday use will capture your heart the moment you set your eyes on it. Discover the perfect co-existence of cool metallic accents and soft casing with smart touch that completes your style.


Enjoy your late night reading with LG Optimus L7 P70. Thanks to its largest-in-class 4.3” wide display, now you can see text in full-size; for a stable readability experience that is always comfortable and efficient. Enrich your viewing experience as images and videos come across with more vibrant colours and precise details to provide you with the utmost viewing quality whether you are indoors or outdoors. Optimally surf the web and update your favourite SNS sites with the perfect screen size for comfort, readability and usability.


Be up-to-date with the latest technological advancements as the LG Optimus L7 comes with the Google Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich. Never miss the perfect shot with 5MP lens and instant auto focus. And with the ability to snap quality shots at a moment’s notice, you can capture precious memories to enjoy forever.

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