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Featuring 6 new products, each set enables kids to play out real-world scenarios and decide what their heroes do, giving them the ultimate opportunity to be in control of their own stories and adventures. New features include launch ramps, flywheel stunt bikes, obstacles, building LEGO flames and more endless challenges, competitions and performances to excite even the biggest daredevil!

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60293 Stunt Park | 170 pieces 

Stunt Park has 170 pieces and two minifigures, one of them being Tread Octane, who was introduced in 60258 Tuning Workshop. It includes a stunt bike, two ramps, and several challenges for the biker to overcome.

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60294 Stunt Show Truck | 420 pieces 

With 420 pieces, Stunt Show Truck is the second biggest set. It comes with four minifigures, a stunt bike, and a truck to transport ramps.

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60295 Stunt Show Arena | 668 pieces 

The biggest set of the series is Stunt Show Arena, with 668 pieces. A total of seven minifigures are included, along with two monster trucks, two stunt cars, and a stunt bike.

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60297 Demolition Stunt Bike | 12 pieces 

Next is the Demolition Stunt Bike, with its rider Wallop, another character from LEGO City Adventures TV show.

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60298 Rocket Stunt Bike | 14 pieces 

Rocket Racer is the next rider, who has been appearing throughout the history of LEGO City

  • LEGO City Stuntz 60299 Stunt Competition | 73 pieces 

Smallest of the four, Stunt Competition has 73 pieces, two stunt bikes, a ramp, and a fiery chamber for the challengers to go through. Two minifigures are included in the set, and one is none other than LEGO City Police’s Duke DeTain, who has appeared in sets big and small.

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