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Plain tap water, if unfiltered, may be contaminated and not suitable for consumption, or even for food or drink preparation. Often, tap water also does not have a pleasant taste, hence it may affect any foods or drink prepared using it. Most Malaysian homes are fitted with a water dispensing system in the kitchen following awareness of water-borne diseases and of course, the desire to consume better quality water. Bagging the award for Healthy Mineral Water Dispenser this year is Leben Kitchen, featuring three models of stylish yet affordable water dispensing machines. They each come complete as a highly functional setup that makes accessing clean and safe drinking water a breeze for households, offices, classrooms, etc. The Leben water dispensing machines boast four filter types that take care of every concern of water consumption safety, from sediments and dirt to bacteria and odour. The product comes without a binding contract, and with its free installation, filter maintenance, warranty and after sales services, it’s easy to see why Leben emerged as the top choice of discerning consumers.

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