LAVIE LASH Au natural Collection

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What it is:

These gorgeous reusable falsies mimic your real lashes to add on the length and extra thickness that you so desire. Made from 100% premium natural hair, they are perfect for any eye size and shape. These are also handmade so you are ensured of impressive craft and quality.

What it does:

Heather: Our Heather lash is very soft to the touch but add an extra ‘oomph’ to your natural lashes. The thin lash band and the silky light strands make these lashes blend seamlessly into your natural lashes.

Rosie: Rosie is a beautifully handcrafted natural wispy lash that adds extra length and thickness we’re all looking for! This is perfect if you want curled natural looking lashes that pops – just add a few coats of mascara and you’re good to go!

Chloe: Our Chloe lash is perfect for girls who just wants to bump up their natural lashes a notch. Naturally beautiful, these babies mimic real lashes but adds an illegal length and extra thickness!

Krystal: Perfection in a lash is possible with our Krystal lashes. Absolutely beautiful for adding little extra touch to date night. The invisible lash band and oh-so light strands make these lashes blend seamlessly into your natural lashes.

Hepburn: Fit for any eye size and shape, these must-have lashes are naturally pretty and add a classy volumizing touch to your look!A perfect pair for any occasion, whether it’s work, hanging out with your girlfriends,or breakfast in front of a Tiffany’s store – you’re good to go!

What it includes:

  • Mini Adhesive included
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