LAVA Frying Pan Stainless Steel Handle

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Lava cast iron pots and pans are the most compatible medium with human and environment. The world’s highest quality cast iron and fit for the international standards enamel, combine at Ferrotechnic licensed Lava facilities. Contains no harmful additives.

The secret of delicious and healthy cooking is not to allow anything mix to the nature’s unique tastes presented to humans. They does not interact with food. The channels in specially design lids collects the steam that produced during the cooking and return it to the food. Thus, nutritional value is preserved.

It defies years. It is known the most durable cookware. To past the same tastes from generation to generation with a healthy way is called LAVA.

From soups to roasts, to cake and bread, there is a LAVA which cooks all meals easily with a unique taste. On cast iron, stove, oven or if you like on directly fire, LAVA is suitable for all cooking techniques. As the heat spread evenly, meals like stew, casserole and olive oil dishes that require long cooking on low heat, has an excellent results. The meats cook on cast iron tastes like barbecue and the vegetables like embers.

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