LANEIGE Finger Graphic Liner

Product Details


What it is:

Close-up Finger Eyeliner for a non-trembling, delicate and clear line.

What it does:

  1. Finger Grip Handle for stable and delicate application: Supports fingers securely to allow delicate eyelines like done by a makeup professional.
  2. Water & sweat proof formula: The formula is instantly fixed to stay resistant and smudge-free against water and sweat.
  3. Tension Felt Tip: The resilient felt tip finely fills in between the eyelashes and waterline with delicate, flowing lines in various volumes.
  4. Eye irritation tested formula: Mild and safe on waterline and sensitive skin around the eyes.

What else you need to know:

Non-shining matte black is a perfect choice to fill in between the eye lashes or waterline and create a distinct eye makeup! Warm toned deep brown is a must-have item for natural eye makeup that looks effortless! Create a winged eyeliner that looks extra sexy in burgundy with soft glitter. Skin shade with two toned fine glitter highlights under lash line! Dot on the inner corner of the eye to complete your pretty look!

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