La gourmet Shogun® Granite Plus

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Cooking is more than an important practical life skill – it is an art! When we cook for our family and friends, it is also a sign of our love for them. Great cooks would never take this gesture for granted, no matter how simple the dish, the act of cooking deserves to be respected. No one knows this better than Shogun®, a renowned name in cookware. Its Granite Plus range of cookware is an epitome of efficiency and durability. Shogun® Granite Plus is made using the brand’s 9 Layer System, which is inclusive of its Tritanium® Ultra plus, which by itself is five layers of non-stick coating reinforced with ceramic, produced by the largest Swiss non-stick coating manufacturer. No respectable cook will ever allow harmful compounds to leech into their cooking from using sub-standard cookware, which is why Shogun® Granite Plus cookware is assured to be USFDA, LFGB and European standards compliant for food contact use. Long-lasting, visually appealing and weighing just right for any type of cooking, Shogun® Granite plus puts the dignity and love back into cooking, the way it was meant to be.

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