La Gourmet® Shogun 30Cm Double Sided Frypan

Product Details

Since the inception La gourmet® was built on the twin core principles of ‘ Conserve Energy ‘ and ‘ Healthy Living’. Shogun by La gourmet® gives you the Assurance of Safety and a guarantee of finely crafted cookware that provides convenience and healthy cooking.

Conveninence & Versatility – Perfect Frying Fry both sides by imply flipping the pan. Reduce smell & smoke due to silicone seal. Oil Trap Prevents oil & moisture from dripping down when you open the pan. Versatile product – You can fry , grill, toast a whole variety of foods using different cooking styles. Enery Saving Excellent heat conductivity of the Pan reduces the amount of time and energy needed to coo with the unique Shogun Double Sided pan you can cook your food faster. It is healthy with LAG ag coating : ILAG CORNFLON NONSTICK TECHNOLOGY meets the highest Safey Standards and Quality Assurance. (US FDA APPROVED), where low fat healthy cooking with less oil.

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