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For the sake of our planet and environment, surely we’d want to do away with disposable single-serve containers and switch to safer, greener and more healthier alternatives. This is where a La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ Lunch Box and/or Tiffin Carrier can play an essential role, for they make packing meals for work, school or outings into a responsible, planet-loving act. 100% BPA-free and hygienic, they are produced using food-safe materials with an extra thick stainless steel body that is non-reactive and non-leaching. These qualities keep your packed food tasting great and clean. They do not mist up either, and have exteriors that protect the handler from the temperature of the contents. All ‘Pack To Go’ lunch boxes and tiffin carriers are spill resistant, double-walled and long lasting. They’re also stylist to look at, in line with today’s demands for high consumer appeal.

  1. Sarah
    1 reviews

    Negative Review

    1 out of 5, reviewed on April 9, 2021

    Hard to open container and food gets cold. Would not recommend buying.

  2. Avatar

    687 reviews

    Quality tip top👍

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 23, 2019

    La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ mudah dibawa kemana-mana dan kedap… Makanan tidak mudah tumpah jika ditutup dengan baik.. La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ temperature makanan kekal dan tahan lama serta tidak mudah sejuk… Dengan La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ juga saya selalu beli makanan menggunakan bekas La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ bagi mengurangkan penggunaan plastic dan Polystyrene untuk support bumi hijau… Khasiat dari makanan juga lebih terjamin… La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ menjadikan bekalan sup saya tahan lebih lama… Bubur juga kekal panas dan mudah untuk saya dan tidak perlu dipanaskan berulang kali… La Gourmet ‘Pack To Go’ highly recommended and wajib dimiliki…

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