La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok
La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

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Cooking in La Gourmet Cast Iron Cookware provides superior, even heat distribution and retention. Food cooked in Cast Iron simply tastes better!”

For centuries, Cast Iron has been acknowledged as one of the best materials for cookware. Cast Iron provides superior, even heat distribution and retention. La gourmet Cast Iron Cookware has been finished with a rich coloured enamel exterior. La gourmet enamelled Cast Iron cookware is ideal for many cooking methods like roasting, searing, frying,browning, baking, simmer soups/stews. Cooking in Cast Iron draws out great aromas and flavours and slow cooking preserves the nutrients.

Casseroles cooking, roasting, grilling with La gourmet Cast Iron cookware in the oven is very efficient and helps you with easy cooking style. Even though Cast Iron is heavy, it is a great cookware that makes great food! Most cooks will tell you that food cooked in Cast Iron taste better than food cooked in other cookware.

A cast iron wok is excellent for cooking, mainly because it holds and distributes heat more efficiently compared to other materials.

Studies have shown that cast iron cookware is very safe and healthy as it does not contain coating and chemicals.
Topping the cast iron cookware category is La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware, it is lead and cadmium free with great rust resistance capabilities.

La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware is developed using the innovative nitriding process combined with the revolutionary press cast technology, which results in a cookware that is not only rust resistant but also 30% lighter than the average cast iron cookware.

The best thing is, La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware is extremely durable and can be passed down from generation to generation.

  1. goll84569780
    1 reviews

    La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 22, 2020

    This wok is definitely my first ‘proper’ wok as I did not use a high quality wok previously. This wok has got a high quality feel to it. It is non-stick and it has been helping me to cook easier. Very satisfying to use and I will purchase this again when this is no longer usable.

  2. CikSue
    819 reviews

    Conditioning is important

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 1, 2020

    What a lovely wok. This is my first ‘chinese like’ wok. Still quite a bit heavy if lifting in one hand. But it’s stated 30% lighter than traditional one. So lucky for me. This wok has 2 wooden handle to ease handling. For 4.5L it looks small but maybe because my mind focusing on the weight. In reality it’s not small. It is a deep wok as i can say. Upon using need to wash and conditioning the wok with oil. Everytime want to use I condition the wok first as recommended. No need to worry as the iron from the wok is safe to consume. I use wooden utensils with this wok. After finish cooking transfer food immediately to serve. After cooking wash it thoroughly and dry it before keep it safe. I don’t condition it after wash because it will make me harder find a better place to keep it. Dry one is better choice. Its ok even i have to condition everytime to use. The first time oil use for conditioning can be reusable for the next conditioning processes. Some people might refer this conditioning process as seasoning process. The longer usage the better. Using this wok, it makes me happy. Sticky worry free and i love frying vegetables especially with this wok. Quick and very satisfying.

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