La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok
La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

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Cooking in La Gourmet Cast Iron Cookware provides superior, even heat distribution and retention. Food cooked in Cast Iron simply tastes better!”

For centuries, Cast Iron has been acknowledged as one of the best materials for cookware. Cast Iron provides superior, even heat distribution and retention. La gourmet Cast Iron Cookware has been finished with a rich coloured enamel exterior. La gourmet enamelled Cast Iron cookware is ideal for many cooking methods like roasting, searing, frying,browning, baking, simmer soups/stews. Cooking in Cast Iron draws out great aromas and flavours and slow cooking preserves the nutrients.

Casseroles cooking, roasting, grilling with La gourmet Cast Iron cookware in the oven is very efficient and helps you with easy cooking style. Even though Cast Iron is heavy, it is a great cookware that makes great food! Most cooks will tell you that food cooked in Cast Iron taste better than food cooked in other cookware.

A cast iron wok is excellent for cooking, mainly because it holds and distributes heat more efficiently compared to other materials.

Studies have shown that cast iron cookware is very safe and healthy as it does not contain coating and chemicals.
Topping the cast iron cookware category is La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware, it is lead and cadmium free with great rust resistance capabilities.

La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware is developed using the innovative nitriding process combined with the revolutionary press cast technology, which results in a cookware that is not only rust resistant but also 30% lighter than the average cast iron cookware.

The best thing is, La gourmet® Nitrigan Cast Iron Cookware is extremely durable and can be passed down from generation to generation.

  1. Jessie Koo
    132 reviews

    Love the wok hei of this cast iron pan

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 27, 2023

    I own a few wok and once bought a cast iron wok which is super heavy and end up not using it. The traditional cast iron cookware is black in colour and usually very heavy.

    I bought La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Pan this time to cook my all time favourite petai dish and the dish came out so flavourful. You can see the wok hei at the picture as this pan heat up very evenly and its easy to use and a non stick once you pre heat and conditioning it with oil properly.

    This pan using special nitriding technology that makes it highly rust resistant and durable.

    Love to use and the only downside is I cant wash it in my dishwasher.

  2. Nik Zulaikha
    289 reviews

    Masakan jadi lebih baik

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 16, 2023

    Ini kali pertama saya memiliki cast iron work. Agak berat untuk saya kerana saya seorang yang kecil, jadi kuali ini sedikit berat untuk saya. Tapi tidak mengapa, ia tidak mengganggu tugasan memasak saya. Apa yang saya suka adalah, haba memasak lebih sekata ke sekililing kuali menjadikan masakan lebih sekata & memudahkan kerja saya apatah lagi apabila saya menumis dengan sedikit minyak. Amat bagus. Masakan juga menjadi lebih baik. Untuk menggoreng menggunakan minyak yang banyak juga bagus. Gorengan menjadi lebih cepat masak & sekata tanpa ada bahagian terlebih masak atau terkurang masak. Secara total, saya amat berpuas hati.

  3. Sarah Che Dan
    156 reviews

    The Best Cast Iron I ever own

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 12, 2023

    Sebagai seorang surirumah dan ibu kepada dua anak, memasak adalah rutin harian saya. Pemilihan peralatan memasak yang berkualiti dan tahan lasak adalah penting untuk memudahkan urusan memasak saya terutama sekali kuali untuk memasak.

    La Gourmet Nitrigan Deep Frypan amat lah membantu urusan memasak saya. Kuali ini pelbagai guna. Saya boleh menggoreng, menumis dan memasak apa sahaja hidangan dengan cepat. Kuali ini cepat panas, tidak melekat dan mudah untuk dibersihkan.

    Jika dibandingkan dengan kuali-kuali saya yang lain sebelum ini, makanan bergoreng terasa lebih rangup jika digoreng dengan La Gourmet Nitrigan Deep Frypan. Nasi goreng pula rasa lebih “kick” dengan aroma “wok hei” dari kuali ini.

    Kuali ini juga selamat digunakan dengan ciri-ciri “rust resistance” jadi saya dapat menikmati keenakan makanan seperti menggunakan kuali tradisional tetapi dengan kuali yang lebih ringan dan berkualiti dari La Gourmet. Sangat berpuas hati.

    47 reviews

    Nitrigan Deep Frypan With Wooden Handle 2.5L 24x7cm

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 11, 2023

    Friends who want to go to the kitchen love those convenient and durable pots and utensils. Have you ever experienced the following feelings? I love non-stick pans because they don’t stick to food and are easy to clean, but I’m afraid that its coating is poisonous, and I complain that it’s easy to scratch and not durable. When cooking, it sticks to the pan and makes a mess; choosing a pan with a metal handle is afraid of burning your hands, but a pan with a plastic handle is afraid of being burnt, Is there a best of both worlds?
    La Gourmet 24 x 7cm Nitrigan Deep Frypan With Wooden Handle (2.5L) is my favourite, I love how nice and stylish it is. It can handle the gas temperature of a slave’s home, and it will not stick to the hot oil in the hot pan, and it is not difficult to wash even if it is stained👍
    • Safe and Healthy Cooking
    • The Ultimate Cooking Companion
    • Precise Temperature Control
    • Naturally Non-stick
    • Easy to handle
    • Made of 99% Pure Iron
    • The Secret to Perfectly Cooked Meals with “Wok Hei”

  5. Farah Lumière
    3 reviews

    Good investment

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 4, 2023

    My 1st cast iron cookware. Before beli, i dah survey dulu cookware yang terbaik. Mostly ckp kena cari yg ada cast iron.

    Survey punya survey im in love pulak dengan brand La gourmet Nitrigan ni.

    Bukan apa, banyak kelebihan penggunaan cast iron cookware ni.
    Pengagihan haba yang sekata dan pengekalan haba yang sangat baik membuatkan masakan cepat masak dan dimasak dengan baik. Bentuk yang bulat meninggi, memudahkan penggaulan masakan dengan sekata dan dapat mengelakkan bahan masakan terkumpul disatu2 bahagian.

    Selain dapat memasak dengan baik dan sekata, ianya juga dapat mengurangkan masa memasak, lebih2 lagi menu masakan daging. Sangat2 la jimat masa dan tenaga.

    Tahan asid dan tidak mengeluarkan bau walaupun dalam tempoh yang lama. Boleh digunakan pada dapur gas, oven dan dapur induction kecuali microwave.

    Berbaloi sebagai investment on cookware!

  6. goll84569780
    1 reviews

    La Gourmet Nitrigan Light Cast Iron Wok

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 22, 2020

    This wok is definitely my first ‘proper’ wok as I did not use a high quality wok previously. This wok has got a high quality feel to it. It is non-stick and it has been helping me to cook easier. Very satisfying to use and I will purchase this again when this is no longer usable.

  7. CikSue
    819 reviews

    Conditioning is important

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 1, 2020

    What a lovely wok. This is my first ‘chinese like’ wok. Still quite a bit heavy if lifting in one hand. But it’s stated 30% lighter than traditional one. So lucky for me. This wok has 2 wooden handle to ease handling. For 4.5L it looks small but maybe because my mind focusing on the weight. In reality it’s not small. It is a deep wok as i can say. Upon using need to wash and conditioning the wok with oil. Everytime want to use I condition the wok first as recommended. No need to worry as the iron from the wok is safe to consume. I use wooden utensils with this wok. After finish cooking transfer food immediately to serve. After cooking wash it thoroughly and dry it before keep it safe. I don’t condition it after wash because it will make me harder find a better place to keep it. Dry one is better choice. Its ok even i have to condition everytime to use. The first time oil use for conditioning can be reusable for the next conditioning processes. Some people might refer this conditioning process as seasoning process. The longer usage the better. Using this wok, it makes me happy. Sticky worry free and i love frying vegetables especially with this wok. Quick and very satisfying.

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