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La gourmet Galactic Wok – the first non-stick wok for very long durability. The times of scratched non-stick surfaces are over with La gourmet Galactic Wok. The unique interior surface of these pans is composed of a slightly raised stainless steel webbing which houses the pans non-stick coating inside of it. This creates a cooking surface which protects the non-stick coating from scratching. Now, you can finally enjoy using your stainless steel spatula on your non-stick pan!

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    A gift for my love

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 2, 2020

    It was an astonishing experience upon receiving this wok. It is huge, the wok and also it’s lid. And most importantly I gave it to my love for her to cook for us. I am happy seeing her happiness. It is so exclusive in look and design. We really love it. For me its not heavy but when i ask my love she said it quite heavy for her. This is a non stick stainless steel wok. The inside interior look very different from usual wok. Its coated with honeycomb web stainless steel. It helps protected the non stick coating better. That’s why cooking with this wok is awesome. Food cooked in shorter time and paste cooked well. The heat distribution is even. This wok can use stainless steel utensil ya. Not like others non stick pan or wok that must be handle with silicone or wooden utensils to prevent it from damaging the coating. But, I do not use stainless steel utensils for my wok. Better taking care for longer usage. I prefer use it with my wooden utensils. With this huge wok, it can even cook for big family at once. I’m very happy because this La Gourmet Galactic Wok can be used widely. Gas, electric, induction, ceramic all can be use even it can be dishwash too without any problem. I cook with middle to low heat and the handle was fine to hold but if use high heat the handle got heated up to. This stainless steel wok just need slow to medium heat to cook. It would be great if it comes with steamer tray. Actually, it is good enough for us. A great product for greater experience.

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