KYOKU Water Body Scrub

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KYOKU Water Body Scrub is a deeply cleansing body exfoliator with an ultra refreshing, light citrus scent. This energising scrub uses rounded Jojoba beads to gently remove dead skin cells combined with a deep-sea Algae blend of Japanese Kelp to give a cooling sensation on the skin, revealing a refined and conditioned texture, that’s ultra smooth and subtly scented.

This body scrub leaves behind a zesty citrus scent and intensely conditions and refines the skin. It also gives a cooling minty sensation on the skin after you scrub your skin. Feel refreshing and energetic after exfoliating your body.

Usage Instructions:

Massage into the body using smooth circular motions, concentrate on elbows, knees and feet. Use 2-3 times a week. Rinse well and follow with Kyoku’s Body Lotion.

  1. irenechan597430
    66 reviews

    Decent body scrub

    3 out of 5, reviewed on August 21, 2017

    This is interesting exfoliator. The initial aroma was a little off putting. It’s seems to be very musky to the nose and I think it clouded my experience of the first wash. But on 2nd use I noticed that the musky odor is actually very minimal and as you wash the scent and the feeling is…marine. It is aptly named “water” because your skin feels cool and energized afterwards and there is this very subtle but notice aqua scent that lingers for most of the day. The lathering is great and I have already noticed a difference with my skin being smoother since I started using it.

    The only complaint is the packaging, i need to use more product so I am trying to squeeze this square, hard, plastic bottle to get a thin bead of product; it doesn’t really work. I have to take the top off the bottle and shake the product out. This horrible packaging ruins what could be a more positive product experience.

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