KUVINGS Silent Slow Juicer with Dessert Makers

Product Details

Juicing has never been easier with the brand new Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer (Big Mouth Innovation). This juicer will simply save you so much preparation time and produce a glass of fresh juice in just a few seconds. This model has a larger feeding tube than the traditional model allowing you to insert whole apples, tomatoes, oranges, lemons and more.

For a Healthier You!

The Slow Juice revolutions means richer and more nutritious juices for the entire family. This unique Kuvings juicer can crush and squeeze whole apples at once, preventing unwanted oxidation that occurs when you have to cut produce to fit small mouth juicers. Fresh juice allows your body to absorb about 4 times more nutrition than when eating whole fruits.

Juice Without Waking The Whole Neighborhood Up

This juicer is also the quietest masticating slow juicer available in market. Whether you are juicing hard vegetables like carrots and beetroot or soft vegetables like wheatgrass and herbs the Kuvings Silent Juicer makes fantastic cold press juices. The Kuvings Silent Juicer is exactly that SILENT which means no longer worrying about having to wake up the rest of the family with the noise.

Easy To Use

Kuvings has also made cleaning very simple. Using the juice cap, pour water through the juicer, turn the motor on and allow it to self-clean before pulling it apart to give all parts a thorough clean. For perfect juice every time it is important to clean your juicer properly. By drying your juicer parts with a towel after washing you can eliminate juice residue staining and pulpy juice in the future.

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