KUKU DUCKBILL Baby Snivel Absorber

Product Details

Material :  
Cup-PS(80℃)    Lid-PP/(100℃)  Straw-Silicone(-10℃~ 120℃)
Instruction :
1. Place it into the baby’s nostril gently.
2. Suck gently to remove nasal secretion from baby’s nostril.
3. Nasal secretion will flow into the cup.
  1. Wan Yusra
    3 reviews

    It help a bit

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 13, 2020

    My daughter always has clogged nose. Using this relief a little bit. You can control the suction. Not too hard and not too slow. So you can unclogged your child nose without hurting her.
    But it will not suck all clean. But it still help. It is much better than pump type

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