KORNIG Scented block candle, set of 3, summer romance, wine red

Product Details

  •  The scent of violets and musk with honey and citrus notes creates a soft, romantic atmosphere.
  • The candles have the same beautiful colour and pleasant scent during their entire burning time, as they are coloured through.
Good to know
Comprises: 1 scented block candle (height 7.5 cm, burning time 20 h), 1 scented block candle (height 9.5 cm, burning time 30 h) and 1 scented block candle (height 11.5 cm, burning time 40 h). The diameter of the 3 candles is 7 cm.
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
**Do not burn candles near any flammable materials.
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