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Situated in the largest, award-winning golf club, overlooking a lush green golf course with carefully tended and manicured greens dotted with tall palm trees, is Kindyland Tropicana Kindergarten and Daycare. Founded in 2008, Kindyland Tropicana offers programmes for children aged 3-6 that integrates the best in academic practices of the National Curriculum Standard and enhanced by Singapore International Curriculum. English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia are emphasized here with fun based teaching concepts to encourage children’s interest in learning. Kindyland boasts its strength in raising well mannered and all-rounded children to be the leaders of tomorrow.

With such explorative approach to learning and life in general, children are later encouraged to connect what they’ve experienced and learnt in class to the world around them. Through a series of progressive academic programmes focused in early language, reading, and math skills lessons at Kindyland readily provide the sort of early education that holistically combines child-centred explorations with teacher-directed instruction.

Academic Programme:

Kindyland customizes age appropriate programmes for children between 3 to 6 years of age. The following essential subjects and skills are taught:

  • Languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia & Mandarin
  • Mathematics, Science & Moral
  • Music, Arts & Crafts

Co-curricular Programmes

  • Hands-on enrichment activities at Kindyland are an essential part of its curriculum. These activities aim to enhance children’s social and emotional growth, as well as foster self-understanding, positive peer interaction, initiative, and learning in all children.

Experienced & Dedicated Teachers.

Educators at Kindyland do not only have the experience needed to develop the whole child and bring enthusiasm to the classroom but are also adequately qualified with relevant qualifications. The majority are either diploma holders or higher with a minimum of 8-10 years related teaching experience. An important aspect of teaching is observation. Kindyland maintains smaller class sizes; allowing teachers to observe their students more thoroughly. The student-to-teacher ratio at Kindyland starts at 1:8 at nursery level (3 years) and increases to 1:18 in K2 (6 years) when learning in larger groups helps to foster better social and interactive skills. The ratio ensures that each child gets the attention and support they need to reach their highest potential.

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